How to Find New Music for DJ Mixes

Take away the skills of DJing and the most important you're left with is the music. The music you DJ will make or break you; bring nothing good to the tables and people are going to lose their interest and go to the next room (or worse, leave the club).

People want to hear new music all the time; they don't want the same tracks over and over again. I've put together a simple guide on how you can find new music for your DJ mixes that won't require you to dig through musty, old crates...

How to Find New Music for DJ Mixes

Luckily, you're in the age of information which means that you can easily discover new artists and tracks while sitting back in front of your computer. Here are some of the sources I recommend when digging up new music.


YouTube is a stellar source of finding new music when you begin to dig around the interface. I recommend starting with some of your favorite artists and then take a look through the sidebar which shows recommended videos. Another way to find music through YouTube is to subscribe to channels which will always keep you in the light of new music releases.

Ask Around

Jump onto Facebook or your Twitter account; start asking people what music they're listening to these days. Remember, the music you DJ may not necessarily be the ones you absolutely love - there needs to be some form of compromise to get the people onto the floor before hitting them with tracks from your personal stash. Get on these social networks and ask for recommendations; share what you like and people will be quick to share what they recommend.

Music Blogs

Websites and blogs are listed in the millions across the web. There are hundreds of thousands of great blogs you can dig into for finding new DJ releases. Besides some of the big ones like Beatport, you could subscribe to smaller blogs that review and share new music. There are also websites and blogs that release music free of charge by indie producers which could give you a great selection of music that no-one else is playing at the time.

Online Radio

Want to listen to other DJ's and find out some new tracks at the same time? Internet radio is for you. Streaming radio, on the web, is a great source of finding new music depending on which shows you follow. Generally, track lists are shared by fellow DJ's and many people will join in on the discussion of the show to share and ID tracks. Not only will you be getting a good amount of listening in which is fun in itself but you can find those hot tracks by big name DJ's you'd also like to drop in a mix.

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