Meaningful Wedding Music

There are many ways to bring personal meaning into your wedding, from wearing a sentimental set of bridal jewelry to carrying a replica of your grandmother's bouquet. Music can be one of the most wonderful ways that a couple can make their wedding even more special, and it is especially nice because it often has shared meaning for both the bride and the groom. These are some of the ways in which you can include meaningful wedding music into your celebration.

Start by thinking about your ceremony music. A special solo sung by a vocalist can be a lovely addition. The person who sings the solo can be one layer of what makes is meaningful. At one wedding I attended, the groom's teenage daughter sung a beautiful song in honor of the couple, which was very moving. No vocalists in your family? No problem, simply select a song which has personal meaning to the bride and groom. If you have waited forever to find each other, "At Last" would be a beautiful choice. Couples who share a strong religious conviction might prefer a traditional solo such as "Ave Maria" for their ceremony. As long as the song is personally significant, it will be a beautiful choice.

The ceremony processional is a fantastic opportunity to include some music with meaning. Just be sure to check on any restrictions your church may have, as some only permit traditional religious or classical music. Once you get the green light from your officiant, feel free to pick a processional song which really captures the joy of the first moments as newlyweds. The particular song will depend on your personal taste, whether you like something classic like big band or more contemporary. Whichever song you select, keep in mind that all good processional songs have an upbeat tempo.

Perhaps the wedding music that gets the most attention is the first dance song selection. Something that I absolutely love is when the newlyweds dance together to the same first dance song used by one of their sets of parents. It is a beautiful family tradition, and is perfect for the bride who tends to prefer classic wedding style, like pearl bridal jewelry and white roses. If your parents are divorced, it would be better to go a different direction with your first dance selection, such as dancing to the first song you ever danced to together. Don't have a special song as a couple? Then simply choose the song whose lyrics best describe your relationship.

You can also make your wedding music more meaningful by including selections which give a nod to your heritage. Often this will take the form of a special feature, rather than the music for the entire ceremony or reception. It can also be a fun surprise to arrange for your intended. Let's say that your groom has Scottish heritage - why not have a bagpiper waiting when you exit the church at the end of your nuptials? Or treat your guests to a brief performance by a troupe of Celtic dancers if your folks hail from Ireland. When the bride and groom both have strong cultural ties, by all means feature a musical selection from each tradition. It would be a great way for each family to get a taste of the other's cultural heritage, and a meaningful addition to your wedding.

How else can you include meaningful music in your wedding? If you are a good singer, perform a song dedicated to your new spouse during the reception. Or perhaps you are a composer - write an original piece in honor of your wedding day. There are countless possibilities for using music to make your wedding more meaningful and memorable.

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