Keong Racun - From Lipsync to Amazing

The media in Indonesia has been intensively discussing the phenomenon of video "Keong Racun". The video is still an issue in the news, both in conventional media and cyberspace and sites such as Facebook and Twitter can not escape the popularity onslaught of this video.

Try to type the keyword "Keong Racun" in Google and you will find millions of sites focused on the video. On Youtube, it's gotten more than 3 million views, a fantastic number for a home video. So what exactly is behind the phenomenon of "Keong Racun?"

In truth, Keong Racun, is actually a video of two teenage girls named Shinta and Jojo, who were a lip-syncing to a song titled "Keong Racun" (translated as: Toxic snails). Keong Racun is a popular song in one province in Indonesia. The song is a homage to "dangdut," a stream genre that is claimed to be native to Indonesia. The tremendous response to the video greatly exceeded their expectations and Shinta and JoJo were offered a recording contract from one of the major labels in Indonesia.

In fact, Shinta and Jojo admit they can not sing the song live. They are not singers which is a fairly major requirement to becoming a star singer. But, so long as there is a demand from the public, there is no harm in producing the album with two girls - money is money. Perversely, Shinta and Jojo's popularity has dwarfed that of the original singer. According to news sources, the song was first popularized by a local singer named Lisa. In an interview, Lisa expressed dissatisfaction because she was not a part of the popular lip-syncing video, and does not appreciate having her work appropriated by two non-singers.

The amazing groundswell of popularity over this video proves you never know what is going to strike a chord with people - even a goofy, silly lip-syncing video with two cute girls.

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