Got this email this morning, re: CCC's "Cracked Pepper" mashup album that I posted last week:

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Blah blah blah, etc. etc. As I wrote in my original post:
You're not gonna find too many mashup albums better than

this 2007 release by the UK's
CCC (aka Chris Shaw) and his helper-pal Ill Chemist. Don't know Mr. Chemist, but

CCC is a true mash-master. This release is a follow-up to his tackling the entire "Revolver" album, and is worth a

listen even for those (like me) who are long tired of hearing any more from those mop-tops from Liverpool.

On a technical level, it's well produced, on-time and in-key even as some tracks juggle as many as 10 songs in

one track. More importantly, imaginative touches abound: how did I never notice that Lennon sw
iped the

melody of "For The Benefit For Mr. Kite" from his earlier "It's Only Love"? Well spotted, sirs.

Weirdly enough, before his mashup career, CCC started the Monkeyman superhero hoax.

And if you want the album (I'M NOT HOSTING IT, NEVER DID) it's easy enough to just search for "mediafire" + "ccc

ill chemist cracked pepper," so I don't know what all this nonsense accomplishes. Sorry, all of your original

comments are gone.

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